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Ardennen 2006
Vicinity of Beho
Ardennen 2012
A weekend in the vicinity of Bouillon; on the way back, we stopped in Leuven for lunch.
Berlin 2014
3 days in Berlin with Eva. I tried to keep track of the places we've been - or at least (most of) the ones I shot at least one photo. Click here for map.
Bretagne 2007
Budapest 2015
Three days in Budapest in June 2015 - much too short to see and do everything this beautiful city has to offer. Budapest reminded us of Antwerp with a bit of Rome mixed in.
Cyprus 2013
A week in November on Cyprus with my friend Joost; we visited Paphos, Limassol, Larnaka and the Troodos mountains, among others.
Dublin 2018
France 2005
Photographs of a vacation to France, mid-july 2005. Locations: Barjac, Millau, Poitiers, Tours.
France 2018
Dijon - Ancelle - Metz
Italy (Lombardy) 2015
10 cities in 10 days: our trip in northern Italy in late August/early September 2015
Italy (Tuscany) 2016
We stayed in the old city center of Lucca, which was absolutely gorgeous! From there, we visited Pistoia and Livorno. We ended our trip in Pisa, where we stayed one night before flying back home. I brought some cameras along and shot black and white negatives (Agfa APX100 and TMAX400) and color slides (Velvia100).
Lisbon 2017
Exploring this fair city (almost) by the sea in early spring.
London 2014
Both of us never having been to London, we tried to take it all in in just 5 days. That took a whole lot of walking...
Metz 2014
A weekend in the French city of Metz with my pal Joost. Many snapshots made with a Canon 7D and a handful with a Ricoh 500G on Fuji Superia 200.
Monschau Eifel 2009
Three days in the German Eifel region. We stayed at a hotel in Monschau, but also spent a night in Erkensruhr, near the Obersee/Rurstausee.
Morocco 2016
We flew to Fez, a city with a maze-like medina, and spent a couple of days exploring the city and some places nearby: Volubilis and Meknes
Oostende 2012
This is a bucket for all my Oostende pics. Let's see how many I'm actually going to put in ;) And noooo...maybe it's not all Oostende. Maybe there's also some Bredene, De Haan or other places in West-Flanders.
Paris 2008
A weekend in Paris with our friends Joost and Marrigje, where we enjoyed the beautiful late-September weather.
Paris 2015
An extended weekend in February 2015 with Eva. The Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Centre Pompidou and more highlights in cold weather. Color (digital) and black & white (35mm Fomapan 100).
Paris 2016
Paris is one of the places I can keep coming back to and not be bored for a minute. With very little time to prepare our long weekend in late September 2016, I grabbed two EOS bodies, some Ilford FP4+ and some HP5+ (both expired), rated the former at 100 and the latter at 800 and just went at it. We lucked out with the weather and enjoyed a mostly sunny, early autumn Paris with all the cultural and culinary joys it has to offer.
Rome 2014
Enjoying the gorgeous city, beautiful weather and delicious food in early autumn with Eva...wonderful!
Schwarzwald 2005
A trip in late july of 2005 to the Schwarzwald region in southern Germany.
Schwarzwald 2007
Another one week vacation in Germany's Schwarzwald region. Visited Alpirsbach, Allerheiligen, Altensteig, Baden-Baden, Feldberg, Münstertal, Schenkenzell, Staufenberg and Titisee.
Scotland 2010
A week's hiking trip to the isle of Arran, with two days of loitering in Edinburgh attached.
Thüringen 2009
A few days of sightseeing in Germany's Thuringia region. Eisenach: Bach's house and the Wartburg; Ruhla, Gotha and Schmalkalden
Wallis (Switzerland) 2006
A short vacation to Switzerland's south-west

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