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Monastery ruins and waterfalls, northern Black Forest. The waterfalls appear to compete with those in Triberg for the title of "Germany's highest waterfalls". Having visited both, I can attest they are both impressive in a modest way. Due to the scenic surroundings, I prefer those in Allerheiligen.
Locally known for its brewery and its product (Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu) as well as for its monastery. The Kinzig reservoir lies near, just across the hills.
Typical village in the northern Black Forest with a small stronghold overseeing it and a river crossing the town. We found they serve good Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in Altensteig.
Known for its hot springs and bathing facilities since Roman times, Baden-Baden was the diplomatic center of the region in the 19th century. The cosmopolitan ambiance still lingers and attracts expensive sunglasses and big German cars.
With its 1493 meters, the Feldberg is the highest mountaintop of the Schwarzwald region. We visited the mountain village with the same name (1200-something meters), which is appears to be a popular ski-resort during winter. It is also home to the ugliest high-altitude reformed church.
It was the chanterelle season in the northern Schwarzwald region!
We drove around the southern Black Forest, searching for a place to spend the night. Münstertal has only some 8000 inhabitants, but nearly every house is either a hotel or a pension. No surprise since the area is absolutely gorgeous (and the only stimulus to the local economy are the elderly visitors of St. Trudpert's monastery)
This village is in the northern Black Forest, a few kilometers south of Alpirsbach. Apart from the the ruins of the Schenkenburg, a medieval fortification, and the Wittichen monastery, there's very little to see or do. But the surrounding forested hills are gorgeous!
This is the town on the southwestern edge of the Black Forest where Dr. Faust allegedly made a little mistake in an alchemy experiment and decided to cut a deal with the devil after blowing himself to smithereens. Today, the atmosphere is very pleasant. Visiting the ruins of the Staufenburg and looking out over the village and the sloping hills of the Black Forest on the one side and the fertile flatlands on the banks of the Rhine river is definitely worthwhile.
This was Schwarzwald's wicked surprise. The lake itself is beautiful (providing the skies are not overcast, as when we visited it), but the surrounding tourism-oriented shopping mall-town also called Titisee provides a breathing example of what a Third Reich center of tourism would have looked like. A cacophony of cuckoo's clocks and bratwurst-eating elderly Europeans, interlaced with herds of unreasonably enthusiastic Asians.
Individual images, shot while driving through the beautiful surroundings

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