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2014 August - First test with homebrew C41
Some snapshots from Zierikzee and Tilburg on expired 35mm Superia 200 to test the Rollei Digibase C41 kit that I got in the mail last week.
2014 August - Fomapan with Finol tests
Developing Fomapan 100 in Finol to see if I like the results of a staining pyro developer with this film. The first results are promising!
2014 August - Rotterdam and Eva's family
Socializing with Eva's dad and her sisters and sightseeing in Rotterdam. Ilford HP5+
2014 July - Snaps from Woudrichem and Dordrecht
Just enjoying the fine weather with a retro camera and some expired film.
2014 July - Testing Ektar 100
To see what all the hubbub is about, I decided to buy a couple of rolls of Ektar to see if it would be a good option for 4x5. I guess it is, although it's still print film.
2014 July - Tests on 4x5 with the Sinar
Finally moving on to this system's full potential. It's challenging, for sure!
2014 June - Tests on 6x7 with the Sinar
I bought a second hand Sinar F with a Scheider Xenitar 135/4.7. The Schneider barely covers the 4x5 format, but the camera came with a 6x7cm back, which works very well with this lens. These are the first test shots I made - and coincidentally, this is also the very first film I ever developed myself.
2014 June - Wandelbos on Velvia
Found a long-lost roll of original Velvia 50 RVP and ran it through the Mamiya ZM in the local park on a sunny Sunday night
2014 May - Tilburg on 645 in black and white
A series of test shots to verify the focus calibration on my old Mamiya 645 using Kodak T-Max 100 (TMX)
2014 May - Zaltbommel and Tilburg
Shot a roll of expired Fuji 160C in Zaltbommel and Tilburg to take the new 35/2IS for a test drive
2014 November Leiden and the Hortus
We spent a few hours at the formidable Hortus Botanicus in Leiden, truly one of the most beautiful places of the country.
2014 October - Autumn colors on 6x9cm
Shot a roll of Agfa Optima 100 with a Sinar F to capture the colors of fall. We had some great weather last weekend, although sadly, it only lasted to about halfway my photo session...
2014 September - At the beach - Katwijk
On our way to pick up (another) old camera, we decided to spend some time at the beach in Katwijk. I brought the Sinar along as well as the EOS 7D (I use it as a light meter and to take digital snaps).
2014 September - Breda train station
The train station of the Dutch city of Breda has been renovated. I was there when it had just opened and took some quick pics.
2014 September - Canonet QL25 color snaps
Color snapshots made with a recently acquired Canonet QL25
2014 September - Fun with a 1965 camera
I picked up a Konica S2 Auto. I didn't work, of course, but a couple of hours of cleaning and adjusting fixed it (well, most of it). I took it for a test run and this is the result.
2014 September - Gondelvaart Hardinxveld
The annual 'gondelvaart' (a fancy canal boat parade) is a sort of alternative to the carnaval of the south. It features colorful, decorated boats and lots of party people. A colorful series.
2014 September - Snaps on Neopan 400
Some snapshots made with a Konica S2 Auto on Neopan 400 film. Featuring the moors and some railway shots.
2014 September - Testing a Canon T70
I was given a Canon T70 and a couple of FD lenses to play with - so I did. Most of these were shot with the Sigma 28/2.8 that came with this set.
2014 September - Testing old color film on 4x5
This was a first test of some really old Vericolor II sheet film that expired back in 1983 (!). As to be expected, much more base + fog than any recent film and severe color casts. This test was intended to work out if anything usable could be gotten from this film. I exposed it as ISO 50 in low-contrast scenes. I encountered two problems: ISO 25 would have been more appropriate for this film, and reciprocity seems to be a huge issue since I used exposures of several seconds (5-10).
2014 September 21 - Medium format color snaps of Tilburg
A series of color snapshots made with an old Mamiya 645m on Optima 100 film. Lazy sunny end-of-summer Sunday pics of a neighborhood.
2015 April-May - Tests on x-ray film
Working towards 8x10, I bought some x-ray film to keep costs manageable. I cut some sheets to 4x5" so I could test my workflow. After fiddling a bit, I figured that exposing at ISO 50 and developing in Rodinal 1+100 for 7-10 minutes produces usable negatives.
2015 March - Tests on 6x12cm
Testing a Shen Hao 612 roll film back for my Sinar.
2016 April - Local park on Delta100
Mostly shot in the park around the corner. Outdated Ilford Delta 100, Mamiya ZM with 28/2.8 and 50/1.7, K76 1+1
2016 April - Springtime on FP4
Enjoying an evening walk with an old roll of FP4+ I found in a box. Mamiya ZM 28/2.8, D76 1+1 11m20s
2016 April-March - random scenes on 35mm TMX
Snapshots from Amsterdam / Stedelijk Museum, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Zaltbommel, Eindhoven Strijp-S and others
2016 April-May - Various places on Fomapan 100
I've never quite gotten the results from Fomapan 100 I would have liked, but this roll developed in D76 came out quite alright - even though I'm still not a fan of this film. Exposed in two EOS bodies (changed halfway through) with mostly the Canon 35/2 IS and the Tamron 17-35/2.8-4
2016 August 15-16 Zutphen and De Veluwe
Time for a small break: an afternoon in Zutphen and exploring national park 'De Veluwe' - with a Bronica and Fomapan 100.
2016 July 29 - Medium format in the middle of the country
Geldermalsen, a spot along the Linge river, and Zaltbommel. Shot on Fomapan 200 - first time with this film for me.
2016 July 31 - A Sunday outing in the province
The churches of Heusden and Asten, a brief visit to the local museum and a picture of the 17th century lime tree in Hilvarenbeek
2016 May - Eva and Bronica in the sun
May 6 was a beautiful day, so we headed outside to catch some sunshine. I brought the Bronica along for our walk and shot some (hopelessly outdated) Fuji 160 NPC, which came out quite well.
2016 May - First time with a T90
I was given a T70 with a few lenses a while back, but never used it much, as the T70 basically only works in shutter priority mode. When I came across a T90, I couldn't resist and I bought it for its superior feature set (and awesome ergonimics, as it turned out!). These are the first shots with my new old camera.
2016 May - Spring in Brabant
Capturing the colors of spring on Agfa RSX 50 slide film and a Canon T90.
2016 May-June - FP4 in Finol
Snapshots from random locations, but I ended up shooting half the roll in the park near Eva's home, where we enjoyed a very nice picnic. Developed in Moersch Finol, 1+1+100, 11 minutes at 24C.
2016 September 07: Bikeride around town with Charles
Two men, a Hasselblad, a Bronica, two bikes (one rickety, the other old but in excellent shape), lots of shenanigans and ultimately some photos.
2016 September 3 Sands and inland dunes
Fomapan 100 in the 6x6 Bronica at the 'Loonse en Drunense Duinen'
2017 May 26-28 Outing with the family
A weekend by the sea, shot on Fuji Color 200 and Superia 200.
Snaps of plants in and around the house. One can never have enough of these!

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